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Got a case of the ickies? Feeling a little or All OFF balance? Just need to regulate your body back to normal, then these are the options for you! We bring in the purest and highest quality salts from all over the world and infuse them with specialty ingredients, herbal blends, essential oils, and clays. Our salts are packed with detoxifying elements, pure teas, fine herbs and honey, all to give you the bath of a lifetime.


Herbal Detox: clays and pure green teas, coupled with the POWER of authentic Dead Sea Salts you will sure quickly come back to yourself. A proprietary therapeutic oil blend is blended in to lift your spirits as well.

Healing Oatmeal: the most moisturizing of our soaks. Blends of fine oats, coconut milks, exotic honey, and 2 salt blends. Eczema Solution

Spearmint: say goodbye to soar muscles, headaches, tension, or late-night stress. This invigorating therapy blend never disappoints

Therapy: the "Magic" of Salt Soaks. A perfected blend of all of our salt fusions blended together.

Lavender: highest quality lavender essential oil fused with the purest salt to lullaby you to a restful night

Pamper Me: a hypnotic blend of roses, sandalwoods, jasmine and the purest Himalayan salt on earth

Tranquil: the relaxing aloe vera infused salt therapy. a therapeutic blend of eucalyptus and lavenders


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