Had a bath lately?? WHY NOT? Each and everyday we run through the hustles of life at full speed. As this pace of life continues to quicken, we spend less and less time each day pampering ourselves. STOP, ORDER, AND PLAN AHEAD to enjoy the bath of your life as soon as your package arrives. Our unique salt blends are unlike any other. We source mineral rich and AUTHENTIC salts from around the world to purify, detox, and de-stress your mind, body, and soul; some of them are even Food Grade. Bathing in natural salts helps to loosen the body, stimulate natural circulation, and draw impurities from the body. Each of our blends is unique and has its own individual purpose. Do your own research if you like, but we've already done the leg work for you and have chosen only the best, most therapeutic ingredients in our salts. They also make great, thoughtful gifts.

A few quick tips to make your bath even better:

1. Try bathing by candlelight
2. Meditate to some slow, gentle background music
3. Closing the shower curtain and the bathroom