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Skin Vacuum Detox Face & Body Bar

Skin Vacuum Detox Face & Body Bar

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Our trademark signature Facial Bar! We would claim it is the cure to acne, but don’t want to hassle with the FDA right now, so we’ll let you be your own judge. Full of everything to draw out, dry up, purify, and DEEP CLEANSE, or you could just think of it as a lathering vacuum! After everything is pulled out, its rich in natural moisturizers to not dry out your natural oils. It’s mineral rich with AUTHENTIC Dead Sea Mud, purifying with Activated Charcoal, and cleansing with anti-bacterial tea tree. Used twice a day, you’ll be new! 

Fellas: Great for ingrown hairs, wide pores, toning, perfect slip for shaving, and acne break outs! 

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