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Cherry POP! Sampler Box

Cherry POP! Sampler Box

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"Cherry Popping" is a common phrase that has a few meanings! In our case we're going to take 2 common meanings.

1) To Experience Something for the 1st time, something new, unique, and different!

2) It also means to buy you a gift so perfect you almost explode with happiness. It comes from an old movie about two young lovers.

This is the Perfect "I have no idea what to try 1st box" It's full of our favorite things, and in 4 or more different scents for you to experience a little bit of everything! Just choose your Category of the type of scents you prefer: Fresh/Clean, Fruity/Exotics, Herbals, Earthy Girl, Sassy & Sexy, Mixology (fusions across multiple categories) and For the Gentleman


sampler box full of any combination of the following:

natural soaps, body oils, body butters, bistro bath bomb, vegan lip butta, hand sanitizer, sugar/salt body slushie scrub, sea salt soaks, body mist, organic body wash, natural hair products.

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Customer Reviews

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Cherry POP! Sampler Box

After allllll these years I’m STILL IN LOVEEEEE with everything The Bubble Bistro makes!!! Trust me - you won’t be disappointed!!

Beautiful Stranger
Cherry POP! Sampler Box

If you are new to Bubble bistro start here! You get samples of virtually every kind product that BB has. You also get to sample several scents at the same time. The box has a little bit of everything.

Also works well when traveling because everything comes in a travel size.

Elvie Smith
Cherry POP! Sampler Box

I Luv everything in my box. All items compliments my skin. A forever shoppers.

Michelle Willoughby
Cherry POP! Sampler Box

I Love this box. The body oils and soaps and body butters are fantastic. The smells are awesome and fior me it is such a special treat. This was my first order and I will be ordering again. I want to say a special thank you to Andrea you are wonderful and I'll be placing another order soon.

Brenda Wells
Cherry POP! Sampler Box

Go ahead and pop open this surprise. The sights and smells are sure to tantalize! Who doesn’t want to sample a little of this and a little of that? There is something for various moods or vibes. Whether the gift is for you or someone else, you can never go wrong ordering the Cherry Pop box. Dive in!