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This combination has it all! Everything to have a total experience at The Bubble Bistro. A big bag of Skin Food. Each set includes (1) Handmade Soap, (1) 20oz Body Slushie, (1) Body Butter/Frosting, (1) Bath Bomb, all with an unbeatable price break vs purchasing the items individually. A savings of up to $13. One of our most popular packages/gifts

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Drop The Peaches Indeed!!!
Written by C.L. on 1st May 2022

Smell like a peach and get munched on like a peach!

Awesome Products
Written by Teandra on 26th Dec 2021

All products smell so good and leave my skin feeling so clean and refreshed!

Written by Laresha Scott on 10th Apr 2021

I love getting these combinations! I get everything I want in one box. I'm about order another one.

I Want It All
Written by Audrey Burnett on 23rd Mar 2021

I love Bubble Bistro products. The products are amazing. My sister introduced me to Bubble Bistro years ago. My sister bought gift sets for my niece’s slumber party and I been hooked every since. The body butter and body slushe feels are the best. The different scents are amazing. I don’t have a favorite because I love them all.

Awesome products OUTSTANDING Customer Service
Written by Shanita West on 21st Feb 2021

My first time visiting and definitely will not be be my last. The products are amazing and I loved the smell of everything I purchased. But what stood out the most was the amazing service received from the time I placed the order, EACH time I called and even when I picked my order up! I’ll come back for the same treatment and to finish purchasing every scent if this was my prelude to all shopping experiences!!

Products are Magic
Written by Mickela Harris on 6th Jan 2021

I ordered the Magic experience and it did not dissappoint. Bubble Bistro has great scents and very moisturizing.

Written by shanease h dickey on 27th Oct 2020

This was the right purchase for me to get re-acquainted with Bubble Bistro! Everything was great and I love the way the oils and body butters can be mixed and matched or used seperately.

new scents
Written by Crystal Ellis on 4th Oct 2020

I had all new scents in my box that I've never tried and I love them all! Sensual, Queen, Black Magic! I think Black Magic is my favorite!

Review- I Want It All!!! That’s what I got!
Written by Patsy on 30th Jul 2020

I love the I want it all boxes! I got my recent one via mail and was very pleased with the contents! Bubble Bistro has the best products! My only wish is that I could personalize each ingredient versus choosing a category. Pleased customer over here!

Love it!!
Written by LaToya Todd on 30th Jul 2020

I love the mango papaya flavor!!

I want it all!!
Written by Krishna Lott on 30th Jul 2020

Each and every product I ordered is like heaven!!! I loved the option of personalizing my “I want it all” package!!!!!I absolutely LOVE the combination of items the package offers!!!! They all make my skin feel so soft and smell amazing!!!! I will definitely be ordering more items!!

Written by Jameka Phillips on 14th Jul 2020

I love this body scrub and my bath bomb!!! Leaves me feeling and smelling good!! This is the best at-home pampering you can do for yourself!!

5 stars for the SCRUB!!
Written by Devon on 13th Jul 2020

I purchased the I want it all special on Juneteenth. Absolutely love the body scrub. I got the "escape to the islands" and the scrub smells like papaya and mango. Makes you feel like you're on an island. Leaves skin nourished and soft. No lotion needed afterwards for me, it's that good! Wasn't a fan of the coconut body soap as it left a weird film on my skin. Made me feel sticky. The bath bomb went to my teenage daughter, she loved it. I could smell it in the hallway. Has the same notes as the body scrub. Body butter is more like a scented vaseline to me. Very thick. I only use it on rough spots like my elbows and heels. Overall, it was a great deal. Large quantities and I will be back for more body scrub and butter.

Island Getaway
Written by JoAna on 11th Jun 2020

The I Want It All Escape to the Islands experience was the refreshing gift my loved one needed and she loved it! Even your previously planned escapades have been temporarily halted, let this package help you escape!!!

Written by Preamiller on 8th Jun 2020

I loved everything in this box! The sugar scrub is my favorite. Thanks for producing quality products as always.

Exceeded Expectations
Written by JenniPHawk on 19th May 2020

As always, the quality and individual care provided with the order was top notch! Ordered "I Want It All" for my niece (birthday/mother's day gift) and left the options open! The excitement and glee that my niece exclaimed made my heart smile! Bless the Unicorn Ministry!!!

Written by Ra Allen on 16th May 2020

Ladies and gentlemen..there is no reason to be out here smelling like a moose after a soccer game when the Bubble Bistro exists. Amazing scents and soaps for all styles and occasions. Body Butters, Scrubs, Body Washes. They have it all. Before this pandemic, I bumped into God in there and he said you too, huh? Give them a try and change your life.

All my life was gotten with the package!
Written by J. Perry on 14th May 2020

I appreciate that I was able to get the package at ALL during these trying times. There was a few side effects: -Selfishness: I had to hide my Illusion bath bomb from my youngest child. He was eyeing it too much. -Constant Sniffing: The Angel body butter had me sniffing my arms and deeply breathing in the loveliness of the scent -Cuddle Worthy Skin: The Honey Love body scrub and the Ginger Peach soap had my skin on Cuddle Mode so, yeah. I'm ordering something else very soon.

I want it all
Written by Sanchelle Steward on 9th May 2020

It took a little while to get here understandably; but when I tell y’all it was worse the wait !!!! I LOVE IT !!! I got it Friday right before Mother’s Day and after my long day I work, I was like Bubble Bistro Me Please!! And it was just what I needed. So Happy Yayyyy

I want it all purchase
Written by TONY on 9th May 2020


I Want it All
Written by LaLa Webster on 4th Mar 2020

I gave this as a thank you gift and she loves it. She uses something from it everyday. She's very happy with her gift

Love your products
Written by Tarnishia Stephens on 9th Jan 2020

Their products and customer service is absolutely amazing!

Written by Jackie Wiley on 21st Nov 2019

The I WANT IT ALL says it ALL,THE scent stays on ALL DAY.Even when u have left the room and when someone enters the smell still lingers.I love it and will never buy from a store other than BUBBLE better get you some

Written by Alisha Williams on 24th Sep 2019

Lush, pillow talk butter and oil are my favorites.

I want it all purchase
Written by Arrelicious Mitchell on 27th Mar 2019


I want it all!!!
Written by Alisha Williams on 10th Sep 2018

I love it and I will tell everyone wherever I go to get them some. I thank Andrea for using her gifts to bless us. My husband loves it too, lol!!!!!! White tea, star fruit, lush, pillow talk, etc...

You Can Have it All with "I Want It All!" (Corny)
Written by Lucy Marshall on 16th Jul 2018

I'm a veteran brat, but, I can easily sing the praises of Bubble Bistro products. As easy as that may be, there is always something good and new to reflect on regarding products. I'm a connector :-), a networker and I'm able to recommend products to newbies because of the way the items are grouped and categorized. Now, the products themselves - still, hands down, the best. No commercial store-bought anything. You can tell the difference when you run out and have to just get "clean" for the sake of not stinking in public. BUT, like a fellow brat showed me yesterday, she got UP, off of her couch 30 minutes before closing, because she could NOT get caught without BB for the week!

Written by Koletta on 8th Apr 2018

This product is nothing like any other product, I’ve used in the past. The soap and body frost leaves your skin so soft and moisturized. The scent stays with you all day. I’m going to order the body oils and mist. My 11 year loves the soap and bath bombs.

I really, really, really want it all
Written by Cineca Anthony on 11th Dec 2017

I absolutely love bubble bistro products and what better to way to get them but in packaged set. I chose the sassy category and left the scents up to the bubble bistro crew . Once again the crew came through and hooked me up. Thanks as always!

this will have you coming back for me
Written by bklyndiva81 on 27th Sep 2017

this is my second order from Bubble bistro.one of my friends told me about it and every since i used their items i have been hooked. one of my friends stole my sugar scrub and i had to repurchase

The Absolute Best
Written by Deborah Turley on 29th Aug 2017

You cannot go wrong with these products. The Fruity ones smell delicious and lasts for hours. Grapefruit slushie and the grape soap are my niece's faves. Oh, and her pink lotion (bombshell). Love these products and customer service is number 1! That says alot about the company. They care about their products and their customers. Kudos!

Very pleased!
Written by shayla todd on 25th Jul 2017

First time ordering, very pleased

Written by shayla todd on 25th Jul 2017

First time ordering, very pleased

a must try
Written by Al on 2nd Jul 2017

Okay I heard a lot about bubble bistro from social media especially the slushies. So instead of buying each item separate I thought this box was a great way to go. The scents I love will order again.

Sassy and chic bestie!!
Written by Tori Hogan on 9th Mar 2017

My uber-masculine son stole my Lush soap..enough said (drops mic) x-D x-D

Amazing awesome products!
Written by Lisa on 24th Sep 2016

Great products! Highly recommend to anyone who wants all around great natural products! I absolutely loved everything!

Mind blowing!
Written by Kimberly Newsom - "Fashionably Lethal" on 10th Aug 2016

I'd been procrastinating about getting on the BB train for a while. I saw a comedy skit on BB's page that was hilarious. I immediately went to the website and made my first purchase with BB! Needless to say, I love the way the products smell and how it has my skin so very soft! I love it! I've always heard great things about BB and it's products but that skit sealed the deal! BB for life! #BistroBrat

I LOVE it all!
Written by Susanne Embry on 25th Dec 2015

I absolutely love your products, I truly enjoyed them....until my brothers dog got into them and tore it all up. Not so Merry Christmas to me. I will be placing a new order and keeping it up high!

I love this deal!
Written by Tricia on 16th Apr 2015

This deal is great for anyone that wants to try a little bit of everything! I love the Asia scent! I have several of her fragrances and that one is the pick of the week.

products work as intended
Written by LaKisha on 15th Feb 2015

I loved the products. The frosting is just what I wanted moisturizing but not greasy and the sunshine fragrance smells good. The berry bomb is the bomb I can sit and smell it all day. Am not a bath person so I shave a little off and put in the bath with my baby. The smell of the black razzberry scrub is not as nice as the other products but it works as a charm. I will be ordering again

Written by Renee on 10th Nov 2014

This was such an amazing box. Everything smelled wonderful. The products left my skin "SUPER" .

Never Going Back!
Written by Deneen Armstrong on 17th Apr 2013

My sister introduced me and now I can never buy commercial grade soap again. The alcohol and chemical in lotion and body splash and perfumes dry my skin out, even if they do smell good. The scents and body butters, and oils I have experienced at BB are better than ANYTHING I have purchased elsewhere. The wonderful smells linger all day, my skin is soooo smooth and doesn't itch from dryness anymore. My ankles, elbows, and knees are finally free of ash. The entire experience has me hooked. This is it for me, people. No more Ivory, Zest, or Dial soap. From here until the end, I am Bubble Bistro devoted. Hopelessly.

Written by Carol on 28th Dec 2012

I bought this product as a gift for a couple of family members. They have raved over the products and want to know where to get more.

I am in L.O.V.E
Written by Michael on 23rd Oct 2012

Ok so let me just tell you all a little about my experience with BB. Initially I was greeted with a warm friendly welcome. Andrea and her staff really know what they are doing with this stuff because I am HOOKED. I have favorites that I cannot go without now because this has been an everyday thing. I purchased a few items and would like to just tell you a little about some of my favs. 1. The skin vacuum - I love this thing. It does just what it says and thats to pull out everything that does not need to be there. I have recommended this several times because I get asked about my skin a lot. I was using proactiv before this and there really is no comparison between to two. #Neveragain 2. the Scrub - what can I say about this OMG. If you dont have any then you need to get some. It makes your shower soooo much more enjoyable. Its a must have for me. 3. The body oil - ok so I may have gotten too addicted to the oil because I cannot go without it. They really just make me feel some type of way. They are really really fun because you can almost create your own scent that matches you because there is so much to choose from. #funfunfun 4. The body butter - this to me is like the catalyst for everything that you use. It soothes and enhances the scent from the oil and scrub/soap. I call it my "Jar of amplifying goodness" #LongLastingSmellGood 5. Herbal Shampoo - I use this along with my other natural curly products and it is phenomenal. I have not complaints. I love it and I will have this in stock at all times. I am going to just leave it at the five because if not I will be typing all day. All of the products are amazing and I am just in love. #ADDICTED/would/be/an/UNDERSTATEMENT

Special Services
Written by Carroll from Baltimore on 7th Sep 2012

My Sister, Niece and I made an appointment to check out the products. This was my sister and my first time visiting the store. What a selection. I have dry skin and the Fig & Love soap and body butter has my skin looking wonderful. The next time I'm in town I will be visiting again.

Smellin Fab!!
Written by GB on 4th Dec 2011

This place has a quaintess all its own. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I am a Fig & Love practicioner. Luv it luv it!!

My new favorite Place
Written by Ashia on 25th Jan 2011

My first visit to the Bubble Bistro left quite the impression. From the excellent customer service to the all the wonderful products and scents. I purchased this for my soon to be mother-in-law and I was just so amazed at how all the products flowed together even though they were different scents. The staff are really great at taking their time helping you figure out what exactly it is that you want. To top it off she wrapped it for me in the most amazing box with decorations! I was so excited about the products I had to buy a few soap bars for myself and guess what....? Amazing! I will definitely return to Bubble Bistro to see what other dreamy products they've created.

Bubble Me Up!!!!!!!
Written by Lanny Vaulx Jr. on 25th Sep 2010

My sister and I got this for my mother and she loves it.... Everything was top of the line for the service to the smells. What do you get the mother that has everything??? Bubble Her Up!!!!!!!

Written by Annisa on 11th Jun 2010

I got one of these for Mother's Day and this has to be the most memorable bathroom experience I ever had! I hadn't ever experienced a bath bomb or a body butter block! Everything in the bag was a like a private party! The soap makes you want to stay in the shower forever, the bomb makes you want to stay in the tub playing in the soft water, this scrub is yummy makes you want to eat it. I came to reorder and clearly this is the best value. Saves a lot vs getting them individually. And these body butter block things, crazy unique body loving stuff