Perfect Things #1

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A great starter set or cute gift that includes one of our natural handmade soaps, a bistro body butter or frosting, and a 4 pack of our mini delicious natural body mists. Perfect Little Things

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Girlfriend Set
Written by Torre on 22nd Jul 2023

I purchased this set for a co worker that included lemon drop and an oatmeal honey scents. Absolutely will be purchasing this set for myself.

Perfect Indeed
Written by Jay on 9th Dec 2022

Lately I’ve been trying the perfect little things sets and I love them. Simple put, they’re perfect. I choose mixologist mix so I can experience a scensationally curated package of goodies that all work together.

Perfect Things is the perfect name!
Written by Alix on 9th Nov 2022

My Bubble Bistro package arrived a few days ago, but I was working crazy to meet a work deadline today. I finished my project around noon, took a nice long walk outside, and FINALLY opened my box after dinner! My Fresh package had Honey-Oatmeal Soap, White Tea Body Butter, and 4 body sprays. After using the soap and body butter with my shower, I feel completely spoiled and pampered. I'm reminded of how wonderful my fresh, clean babies used to smell at bedtime! (The first baby turns 12 tomorrow; he doesn't smell sweet any more.) I can't wait to try the body sprays over the coming days, and I know I'll be ordering my bath and body products here FOREVER.

Product review
Written by Milli Roane on 9th Nov 2021

What can I say? From the body butter to the sprays, everything smelled delightful. The Wood in my second order smelled amazing and the Lemon poundcake body mist transported me back to the 90s family reunions. Overall, excellent products, and I will be ordering more.

Smells amazing
Written by Shireen on 13th Jun 2021

Wow these products smell amazing. The sprays last all day. For $25 you can’t go wrong with 4 travel sprays a butter and a bar soap. I do not know how you come up with these scents but I have never smell anything natural skin care that products smell like yours. You are the Queen of fragrance

Heaven in a jar
Written by Sherri ta Wade on 12th Mar 2021

When I tell y’all that this is like Heaven with an ice cream sundae with nuts caramel chocolate and cherries!!!This makes you have to join a bubble bistro rehab program. Ladies grab your birth control because these products are literally aphrodisiacs waiting to find a host body!!! I love these products and I just can’t do without them.

Perfect Things
Written by Marcus Q Smith on 9th May 2020

Repeat, repeat customer... Andrea was able to customize two Perfect Thing bundles for me and ship them out on time, and perfect as usual. Both were Mother's Day gifts and were delivered right on time. I love the brand. I love the owner. I just love it all. Brat 4 life. #ItAintJustForTheLadies #GetYouSome

Perfect Things 1
Written by Sherrita on 26th Apr 2020

I am absolutely amazed at how much awesomeness is inside of such an amazingly affordable package. Body butter/frosting, soap and sprays!!!! I love it and can’t leave home without it. I had to turn around one day after I realized that my spray was not in my fanny pack!!! I can’t leave home without it. ESSENTIAL PACKAGE

Perfect Things #1
Written by LaLa Webster on 4th Mar 2020

My daughter's roommate loved this set. I was honored to let her try my favorite things.

Rainforest Body Frosting
Written by Sydra on 7th May 2018

When I placed my order I requested a scent that was similar to bath and body works cool amazon rain. I figured it was a long shot but worth a try. I received the rainforest body frosting. The scent is amazing and it’s a really close match to my request. I need this scent in soap/body wash and body mist.

Perfect Things #1
Written by The Lovely Trucker on 27th Jan 2018

Sent this for my oldest daughter in Texas and she loved it. Her birthday is in June so I'll be purchasing more. She said everyone was asking her about it and she pointed them in this direction. Hope you'll get more business from Texas

The best thing since sliced bread.
Written by Lela Manning on 8th Aug 2016

I love Bubble Bistro. Although I can't smell it on me after so many hours, others still can. I have only been using Bubble Bistro for two days and I'm already hooked!!!! I will be replacing all Bath and Body Works with Bubble Bistro!

Love the Little Things
Written by Jane K. on 13th May 2016

My office bathroom get super gross but that doesn't mean I haveta like it and these mini-sprays means I can beautify wherever I go. Each scent is fragrant and lasting. I especially love Cosmo and Glitter. Love this product!

Written by Jen on 9th Mar 2016

The scents smelled so good I swear if I were blindfolded and didn't know it was skin products I would try to eat it! It smells so fruity and yummy! and the scents last all day! It don't wear off mid-day like that other crap on the market-I be smelling fruity all day boo! I Love it! Like Andrea said #getyousome

Written by undefined on 10th Feb 2016

This set is perfect, it comes with everything i need!

Perfect for Father's Day
Written by Kim on 6th Jul 2015

The combination of items and scents were perfect for my favorite gentlemen!