Lemon & Clay Facial Bar

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Purifying! Clarifying! Refreshing! Crisp, tangy lemon lifts your spirits and cleans like no other all while the clay inside brings out impurities and refines your skin. Lemons gone wild with this blend of organic lemon juice, lemon peel powder with lemon and lemongrass essential oils. We don’t have enough room in the description box to list all the benefits of adding clays to your skin routine. You can use it all over but you'll see and feel the difference in your face. Lemons are great natural exfoliants and the clays are the WOW factor

Product Reviews

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Product review
Written by Adrian K on 4th Jun 2023

I absolutely love the lemon clay detox bar. It really has my skin shining and smooth!!! I will absolutely buy again.

Face Card Approved
Written by Jay on 14th Jun 2022

Y’all! I loved this facial bar. It lathers beautifully, rinses clean, feels magnificent on my skin, and has helped with my hyperpigmentation, although not advertised for such. These results have not been evaluated by the FDA and yet, your skin will thank you.

It smells refreshing.
Written by Erica Williams on 10th May 2021

I use this soap in conjunction with the other two facial soaps and my face is clearing up. I love the the lemony smell of this soap.

Cleansing and refreshing
Written by Tori H on 7th Apr 2020

Always a staple soap. The lemon and clay works well in cleansing my whole body, leaving a refreshing feeling afterwards. Lathers very well and the smell is not overpowering, perfectly balanced.

So good!
Written by Anissa Perkins on 14th Jan 2020

Loveee the smell. Has my face feeling smooth and smelling good. Just started using it and I have oily skin so I will give another review after a while to review how well it is working with my skin after using it consistently. They have great customer service and prices are great. Will be shopping here again.

Fresh and clean
Written by Afua Bampo-Akuffo on 24th Sep 2019

This soap is amazing! Leaves my skin clean and fresh

Lemon goodness
Written by Shantoria Hogan on 3rd Apr 2019

Clear-face much? Yes indeed! Ive been missing my babyface, thanks #lemon.clay. We're back! The light lemon scent creates an ambiance of cleansing while the clay detoxes and gives a necessary, but subtle scrub effect to your skin.

Excellent Product
Written by Willette on 9th Nov 2018

This facial bar leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I don't get any dry feeling after using it. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and I see a big improvement. My dark spots are diminishing and my acne is clearing.

Best Facial Cleanser I've ever used
Written by Cheryl R Johnson on 14th Nov 2017

Thanks to the samples my daughter gave me, I decided to give your products a try. I love the way my face feels after cleansing and the wonderful fragrance is a bonus. Looking forward to experiencing the other benefits of using this soap.

Cleared MY dark spots
Written by Kendra Kea on 11th May 2017

I used the lemon and clay bar for roughly 4 months. I had dark spots around my chin before using the lemon and clay bar exclusively. My skin is now clear. I use the bar morning and before bed. This is the best face soap EVER.

Perfect Balance
Written by A. Hibbler on 4th Feb 2017

This facial soap has given me hope. My skin was breaking out and I was trying some of everything to get rid of this "adult acne". It seemed like everything was making it worst. The other products were either making my skin too oily or too dry and just aggravating the acne. So I gave the lemon & clay bar a try before I took some extreme measures and it has been a perfect balance for my sensitive combination skin type. The acne is clearing up and my skin is soft, smooth and moisturized. YAY!!!

Written by TraceyWellsHarmon on 19th Dec 2015

I live for "My lemon clay face soap.

Written by Lagretta on 3rd Aug 2015

This is soooooooo good. I will buy soap from no other place.

No need for Moisturizers!
Written by undefined on 16th Apr 2015

This facial soap is awesome. I have oily/dry skin. Imagine how frustrating- shiny forward, dry cheeks. This soap has cured that problem! I just wash and go! God bless the hands that make these products.

looooove it
Written by M D-Reid on 17th Feb 2011

I first used my best friends and as soon as I used it I had to get my own. It leaves your skin feeling so clean!!! Has a good smell also!

I got the WOW factor from this product
Written by Morrow on 10th Dec 2010

I'm not exactly sure how to explain this facial bar...It has definitely made a difference in my skin care. My face doesn't randomly break out like it used to...My skin feels tighter....The first time I used it, I knew it was going to be my new facial cleanser. Thank You Bubble Bistro!