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It's Perfect. There's not a better way to describe it. A fruit and botanical oil blend that instantly absorbds into the skin without any trace of oil residue. Can be used as a light moisturizing perfume/cologne as well as a serious massage oil. This body oil is a signature skin food, rich in coconut, avocado, apricot, almond, and rosehip oils, this is seriously great stuff!

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Amazing body products
Written by Kim L on 28th Sep 2023

I absolutely love these products. I keep at least 2 body butters and oil in my pamper basket at all times. I even bought my daughters their own products so they will stop using mine.

Only soap I use!
Written by Rachel on 2nd Dec 2022

I have been using BB for over 10 yrs. I've tried ever soap I could think of and at first all I could use was dial, it was the only thing that wouldn't break me out but I then started using BB. It moisturizes my skin and the scents are amazing..I always get compliments about how I smell and how soft my skin is! Please try you won't be disappointed

Written by Mo Latrese on 17th Oct 2022

Smells great!!!

Written by Melanie Bell on 22nd Apr 2022


You’ll thank me !
Written by Laurie Williams on 2nd Mar 2022

Mix gummy bear and Smurf together!

Beyond satisfied
Written by Skyla Yokley on 19th Oct 2021

I became a customer in 2018 and I haven’t bought oil from anywhere else since! I recommend the bubble bistro to everyone I possibly can.

Oils oils oils
Written by Amy on 29th Mar 2021

I heard of this product through other nurses at work. It smelled so amazing and felt even better. I’ve ordered so much oil now lol!!! This is the BEST product ever!!!

Body Oil
Written by kimyarda kanika naylor on 15th Dec 2020

All of her products are truly amazing !!!!

Berry bomb!!!
Written by Ms.Vette on 4th Nov 2020

My favorite scent is BERRY BOMB!!!! I love the way the oil feels on my skin never drying up. The scent lingers. I also love the body butters. I use both together but the oil is my go too daily after my shower. This is one of my monthly splurge on me!

Long Lasting
Written by AJ on 3rd Nov 2020

Great for after shower care or just wanting to smell good on your daily routine. A little goes along way fr fr!

Body oil
Written by Britbrat on 24th Sep 2020

I love the smells. I’ll be ordering more

Delicious scent
Written by Amina W. on 8th Sep 2020

The guava fig body oil is luxurious and smells delicious. It's so moisturizing that I've stopped wearing lotion. And the bottle lasts a long time -- I highly recommend trying this!

Grape Body Oil
Written by Monica T on 2nd Aug 2020

I actually read about this body oil in a book and wanted to try it. It has been a couple of year now. I order regularly. Often having to double up because my daughter loves it as well. Grape is my absolute favorite. I love it. It keep my skin moisturized and smelling fruity throughout the day.

What's Not To Love
Written by Lanitra R. on 30th Jul 2020

I love everything about the oils. They smell and feel great on my skin. My skin is always full of moisture and life! The body oil is a must-have!

Written by Monica C on 5th Jul 2020

I’m super addicted to these oils! They don’t clog the skin or pores and leave my skin smelling and super moisturized! My mother told me how good my skin looked the other day

Fruity Treasure Troves
Written by Brenda Wells on 23rd May 2020

Bubble Bistro is a treasure chest. Each fragrance is a gem; each product is a jewel. Sunshine is like finding gold at the end of the rainbow! Gummi Bear is as exquisite as a diamond. The fruity and exotic category makes a woman feel like a queen who smells like juices and berries.

Written by Yvette on 26th Mar 2019

This oil last me all day and it smells so good, people really want to get this oil!❤️

Smells sooo good
Written by Jade on 13th Nov 2018

My top 3 are Smoothie, Concoction and Island Sangria! They smell great, feel great, and are super moisturizing . My husband loves them and especially for his beard, when I hug him hours later his beard still smells yummy

Fruity & Exotic Luxury Body Oil
Written by kala stevenson on 30th Apr 2018

These oils are so dog gone addictive. I love the smells...

Written by Teakasha Campbell on 8th Sep 2017

Love it!!!!! Please send any and all coupons to my email.

Cocobanana THE scent for summer 17 pool lounging
Written by CS on 30th May 2017

I am commenting on an oil that I got in the mother's day 5 pack of oils special because it's just that bomb......Cocobanana. When I smelled it, I liked it, but I figured that I was just going to apply it after my night time shower because I didn't want to go to work smelling like a banana. That changed when I was invited to Las Vegas for memorial day weekend. I used it when lounging by the pool. Let me tell you, the other guests were telling me how fabulous I smelled. I think the hot weather strengthened the scent that was emitting from my body. This was used poolside Friday to Monday afternoon, with repeat applications all over my body every day, and I only ended up using a little more than 25% of the bottle. I received a pineapple oil in a cherry pop box that I also ordered, and I think that scent would pair well with cocobana. I didn't get to try that pairing because I didn't take pineapple with me, but I'll definitely try it at a later date.

Fruity Goodness
Written by Amy Hopson on 3rd Apr 2017

I was hesitant. I am not partial to fruity scents which is why I retired Victoria's Secret and BBW. However, this was a pleasant surprise. It's delicious. I have mixed it with other scents, both Bubble Bistro and perfumed lotions. It's odd, but the oil even compliments certain perfumes. I'm excited!!!! I now have ginger peach, coconut milk, pineapple, fruit punch, and peach. ❤ them all!!!

Lemon Poundcake
Written by Tasha Stewart on 27th Jan 2017

I ordered this product off-line. I had heard great things about Bubble Bistro so I figured I would order some oil just to test it out. BEST OIL EVER!! it smells just like lemon poundcake and it last a good part of the day. I was very impressed and and my sweetie loves it lol. I also love that it is black owned and by a beautiful black woman. You have a lifetime customer in me!

BEST oil ever!
Written by Tammy S. on 13th Jan 2017

I ordered the Watermelon scent from this category-Fruity and Exotic-and I LOVE IT! As I've stated in a previous review, this is my favorite scent so far from Bubble Bistro. This oil moisturizes so well, but my favorite use for it is for fragrancing. The smell is so long lasting and it's a perfect substitute for perfume imo. I look forward to ordering more scents in this category and other categories as well. Up next in the Fruity and Exotic category: Goody Guava!!! Love that scent!

Written by Subrena on 21st Dec 2016

Love love love. I never get enough of any if the products.

Can't get enough!
Written by Angel Young on 13th Aug 2016

I love love love these oils. The best smelling oils hands down. No others come close in comparison!

Exotic, Fruity and Moisturizing!
Written by Barb on 8th Mar 2016

I've tried several of the Cherry Pop Boxes and the oils are terrific! I don't think that there is a fruit oil that I don't like but my favorites in the fruity box are Mango Papaya, Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Guava and Fig, and Watermelon! I love the oils, butters, frostings, lip butter, bath bombs and soaps!! The fruity sprays are nice as well.

a must have
Written by undefined on 14th Dec 2015

The Asian body oil smells great

go get it now
Written by undefined on 9th Sep 2015

This was my first time ordering from here didn't know what to pick I knew I liked oils so that's what I picked I got the watermelon oil and the lemon pound cake I recently used the watermelon it was glorious can't wait to use the lemon pound cake you definitely should order these I thought the bottle would be small it is wonderful just try it you won't be sorry I will be ordering again...

Smelling good enough to taste!!!!!
Written by Torey on 24th Aug 2015

These oils are awesome (grape, watermelon, Asia, ginger peach and mango papaya) they are not over whelming and I never get tired of smelling them. I'm ALWAYS complimented whenever I wear any of these.

Written by undefined on 17th Aug 2015

Makes a busy , barely can shower/lotion so Apply right after stepping out of shower, no moisturizer or lotion required. Dry off no transfer on clothes...ready to go to the next step. Oh and smells r breathe taking.

Stop! You need this in your life!
Written by Tanya10312000 YouTube on 31st May 2015

I absolutely love the versatility of the body oil product1 I usually layer it on after I take a bath or shower before I spray on my perfume but I also use it to seal my natural hair after I apply my styling products. This works as a hair sealer but it also masks the hair products smells that I don't care for. The fragrance and the moisturizing affects last all day! I have bought the body oil several times and I will continue to purchase in the future!

Body Oil
Written by Kita on 5th May 2015

The body oil scent last for hours on my body!I can't help but to sniff all this goodness!!!