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It's Perfect. There's not a better way to describe it. A fruit and botanical oil blend that instantly absorbds into the skin without any trace of oil residue. Can be used as a light moisturizing perfume/cologne as well as a serious massage oil. This body oil is a signature skin food, rich in coconut, avocado, apricot, almond, and rosehip oils, this is seriously great stuff!

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Lemon and Love
Written by LaQuisha Rucker on 21st Feb 2023

Lemon and Love is the perfect name because I’m completely in love with this oil! I absolutely love the lemon scent and it’s not overpowering where it gives just what it needs too!!

The only place I go
Written by Skyla Yokley on 19th Oct 2021

This has been the only place I have purchased my body oils and butters from since 2018. The customer service is great and I always recommend the BB To everyone and it’s the perfect gift.

Review of products
Written by Jacquelyn Ponder on 19th Sep 2021

Great service and delivery! I will continue to shop at your store!

Essential Necessity
Written by Adewole Adeyemi on 15th May 2021

Nothing more can eliminate that ashy look from the skin, they just always feel super right on the skin with the long lasting scents!!

Written by Dee on 24th Mar 2021

I have been a faithful and loyal customer to Bubble Bistro, for some years. I have never been disappointed by any product smell, texture, or overall spreadability. If you are looking for a luxurious feeling and smelling body oil or butter...YOU HAVE FOUND IT RIGHT HERE!! Also, this is wonderfully managed business by a beautiful black woman. Period. Getchu some!!

The most amazing body oils!!!
Written by Jules on 25th Jan 2021

Smells so good and longlasting!!! Most of all made with natural ingredients!

Love it!!!
Written by Chenise A on 19th Jan 2021

Lovely scents. Not too soft, but not too strong. A little goes a long way. Leaves skin soft and smooth.

Written by Deborah Singletary on 1st Nov 2020

Best oil then commercial products!

Loopy Body Oil
Written by LaToya Bowdre on 13th Jul 2020

I got this along with the body butter and I must say I'm loopy for Loopy!

Written by Monica C. on 9th Jun 2020

I’m in love with your oils! They smell so nice and I just had to put in another order last night lol!

What's the Secret to Sugar Verbena?
Written by Brenda Wells on 23rd May 2020

Sugar Verbena is an unpredictable love. Its mystique makes people want to know more. The oil is soothing and tantalizing. This flowering plant makes you sniff and sniff and sniff. It smells like a charm.

Written by April A Madlock on 4th Aug 2019

The best oil I've had so far.My husband and I use it not only for our skin but for our hair.

Written by Rachel Sanders on 18th Mar 2019

I love my items! Very nice scent, lasting smell.

Made by the unicorn Gods!
Written by Jonelle on 21st Aug 2018

Everything that I get from the BB is AMAZING! I love the Coconut Milk scent because it’s clean smelling and natural. I love it!

Oatmeal Honey
Written by A Hopson on 17th Feb 2018

I love the scents and happy to continue purchasing now that online order delivery turnaround has really improved!!! Super excited about that. Scents do not last as long as they used to so may want to consider sprays or using in a roller applicator for later. However, still one of the best as far as oils go!!!

Love oil
Written by Terri A on 28th Dec 2017

Okay so what can say about bubble bistro oil. This oil brings compliments galore. It smells glorious and you don't even have to put on perfume afterwards. It makes your skin real smooth and it works best right after you get out the shower in my opinion...

product smell fresh, I get many compliments on this oil, i have not tried other fragrance.
Written by Anna Hunter on 29th Aug 2017

I'll recommend this product highly looking forward to try others, I live in Arkansas my daughter introduce me to this oil.

Written by undefined on 5th Aug 2017

Got a Cherry Pop Box and it was AMAZING! 5 body oils, 4 body mists, 5 soaps, 1 body wash, 3 body frostings, and one hand sanitizer. I love fresh and clean because the scents are light, yet alluring! Say Bubble Bistro's Summer Jam Box combos from last year and mixed my own formula: honey love oil + watermelon oil followed by just a little bit of white tea body frosting! POWERFUL! Honey Love and Sensual as well. Passport is the perfect coconut/fruity scent and lasts! Oatmeal honey is spot on and relaxing. Indigo is unisex and captivating. Sensual Amber is beautiful and not too powerful- an evening scent. Boost is so beautiful and perfectly sweet and citrusy. Coconut milk is mild, yet delicious; good natural coconut notes; White tea is a classic and always on hand; Wonderland idk how to describe it, but it is a scent I would always have on hand like I would white tea. Very alluring and sweet, just very pretty.

Fresh in my White Tea!
Written by undefined on 11th May 2017

What can I say---The body oils are ERRRR-THANG! I fell in love with White Tea at first sniff during my first visit to the store and have been riding with that scent ever since. I do love the difference in how my skin feels and that the scent stays with you all day long. SN: Don't be afraid to purchase online; all of my orders have been packaged well and arrive quickly.

Added Bonus
Written by Kee on 17th Oct 2016

All of the products that I use have moisturizers in them so the oils are just an added bonus! I use White Tea, Pillow Talk, Sherbert, and Sunshine most of the time and the scents are great! Not too loud or overpowering. It only takes a little bit to moisturize. It is long lasting. I usually reapply after I wash my hands. I love them! A must have in my life :-)

Fresh, clean and moisturizing!
Written by Barb on 8th Mar 2016

I've tried several of the Cherry Pop boxes and love the products! My favorite scents from the Fresh and Clean box are Island Sangria, Lemongrass Green Tea, White Tea, Kiwi Mint and Escape. I love all the products but especially the body oils, frostings, soaps, salts and bath bombs!

I Love these Oils!
Written by undefined on 16th Apr 2015

I have not ordered 1 fragrance that I did not love. The best thing is how easily it absorbs into my skin! LOVe LOVe LOVE it!

Fresh & Clean!
Written by on 2nd Mar 2015

I absolutely love this scent. Fresh and lasts all day. This was my very first order & I'm definitely about to become a regular customer. Oh & the cocolime is awesome as well!!